AgriTek Uzbekistan 2023

AgriTek Uzbekistan 2023

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The 21th Annual International Exhibition of Agriculture

24-26 October, Tashkent, Uzexpocentre

Why Uzbekistan?

Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia and has a population of approximately three million people, with an additional two million people living in the surrounding regions. Uzbekistan has a total population of approximately 35 million people – the largest consumer market among all countries in Central Asia.

Uzbekistan is the world’s 6th largest cotton producer, and is the world’s 3rd largest cotton exporter. Republic is the ninth gold largest producer in the world and it contains the world’s fourth largest reserves. Uzbekistan has substantial hydrocarbon resources, particularly in natural gas where it is among the world’s largest ten producers. 

The government of Uzbekistan has opened the free conversion of local currency. Since 1996 (21 years) the market has been waiting for this reform. Free conversion opens unbelievable opportunities for business development and serves as accelerator of economic development.

Agriculture of Uzbekistan

Agriculture as one of the largest branches is one of the priority areas of the economy. Uzbekistan has favorable climatic conditions for the production of various agricultural as well as technical crops. Most part of the acreage, almost all under technical crops are irrigated areas being served by a powerful irrigation system. 63% of the population lives in rural areas. In Uzbekistan, more than 30 % of gross domestic product, 35% of the labor force, as well as major foreign exchange earnings are in share of agriculture. Uzbekistan is 6th world cotton producer 3rd world cotton exporter.

Main exhibition themes

Agricultural technology & supplies

– Tractors, trailers, transport

– Seeders, soil-working equipment

– Fertilizers, spreaders, sprayers

– Harvesting & post-harvesting equipment

– Handling, haymaking, silage

– Landscaping & forestry

– Vine growing & wine making

– Spare parts & components

– Irrigation & pumps

– Intensive farming technologies

– Plant protection

– Fertilizer & soil additives

– Petroleum products

– Bags & plastic film, packaging

Horticulture Technology & Supplies

– Horticultural seeders and planters

– Fruit & vegetable harvesting machines

– Horticultural sorting & packaging machines

– Greenhouses & film tunnel structures

– Greenhouse covering material

– Irrigational & fertilization technology

– Fertilizers & soil conditioners

– Insecticides, herbicides & fungicides

– Heating & air conditioning equipment

– Seeds & nursery materials

– Horticultural supplies

– Floriculture technologies & supplies

Animal Husbandry & Stock Breeding

– Breeding animals & breeding programs

– Hatchery technology and equipment

– Reproduction technology

– Live animal trading of semen & embryos

– Animal feed & additives

– Feed preparation & distributing equipment

– Health, hygiene &veterinary technology

– Pollution and animal wastes treatment

– Livestock building & monitoring equipment

– Animal enclosures, fasteners, flooring etc.

– Incubators, egg grading & packaging

– Egg & poultry processing technologies

– Milking, milk storage & processing

– Poultry feeders, cages, hatcheries, etc.

– Animal feed production technologies

– Aquaculture technology & supplies


To attract professional visitors organizer conduct the wide-ranging advertising campaign including advertising in newspapers and magazines of Uzbekistan and CIS, radio and TV advertising, metro and street banners, and also delivery of 10000 invitation cards,  telephone and B2B marketing.

Official support

Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Farmer Union of Uzbekistan

Venue Exhibition pavilions of “Uzexpocentre” completely satisfy the international standards of holding the biggest exhibition events. In addition Uzexpocentre have the conference hall, open exhibition area and up-to-date exhibition equipment. Uzexpocentre is located in convenient place and have the good driveways, comfortable hotels (Hotel Expo ***, Hotel International *****), cafes and restaurants