KinderExpo 2020 Uzbekistan

KinderExpo Uzbekistan’2020


11-13 June, Tashkent

We would like to suggest you participation in the international exhibition devoted to maternity and childhood KinderExpo Uzbekistan’2020 being held from June 13-15 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

The exhibition is being organized by EXPO POSITION, a specialized exhibition company. EXPO POSITION has produced a large number of specialized exhibitions in Uzbekistan since 1996.

Uzbekistan has a total population of approximately 31 million people. The key to developing export sales into this largest consumer market in Central Asia is to find the right local partners, who are financially strong, politically well connected and can use their local knowledge to ensure your success.

Exhibition Sections in KinderExpo 2020 Uzbekistan
— Toys and prams
— Safeguarding and physical growth and development equipment
— Electrical appliances for child care
— Hygiene products for newborn babies
— Hygiene products and cosmetic for children
— Medicines for children, homeopathic and vitamin-mineral complexes
— Baby food and drinks
— Children’s furniture, interior items for home and children’s institutions
— Furnishing
— Clothes and accessories for new born children
— Children’s and teenager’s clothes, shoes and accessories
— Cosmetics, hygiene products for pregnant women and nursing mothers
— Medicines, alimentotherapy for pregnant women and nursing mothers
— Clothes, shoes and underclothes
— Raw materials and components for child’s goods productions
— Psychological support for families, preparing for pregnancy and childbirth
— Stationery
— Publishing houses

You may also read our official brochure about KinderExpo 2020 Uzbekistan:

To meet this partner and introduce your products to beauty market of Uzbekistan, we are delighted to invite your company to participate in KinderExpo Uzbekistan’2020.

If you want to take a part in this event, you may fill the application online.

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